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Friday August 03 General

“We’re really excited to be part of Climate Week NYC”

For the first time, Climate Week NYC, now in its 10th year, is giving you the opportunity to tell New York City why climate action is your business too. Buy a window decal here.

Corinna and Theresa Williams are climate pioneers who founded Celsious, an environmentally-friendly laundromat in Brooklyn, six years ago. This year for the first time, to mark the tenth Climate Week in the New York City, Climate Week NYC is partnering with businesses from across the five boroughs to raise awareness of climate action – and Celsious are leading by example.


Taking place 24 – 30 September, Climate Week NYC is the largest event of its kind in the world.  Last year over 140 events took place, as well as a series of major moments that brought together leaders from the political, business and sustainability spheres. It’s a week where some of the most significant announcements and commitments to climate action will be made. But it’s also one of the most prominent opportunities for the public to engage with, and better understand, how their actions can make a difference too.  

“I think it’s really important to let people know about all the little things that can make a difference to climate change,” Corinna tells us. Celsious is the first business to support Climate Week NYC as part of a new initiative to get New Yorkers involved. Climate Week NYC chose to make Celsious the first company to join the campaign in recognition of their innovation, community engagement, and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what businesses can do to make a difference.

The laundromat has installed energy-efficient machines that use less water and power, which massively reduces the environmental footprint of their business. But they’ve also brought in a number of smaller changes too. Each customer is provided with a jar of environmentally-friendly detergent – this not only cuts down on packaging on all sides, but bulk-buying cuts down on the impact of transportation too. Celsious also provide a range of climate-safe options for more specific requirements, such as dry-cleaning, and they’ve taken great lengths to locally and responsibly source all of the products in their café.

“This year we want to open up Climate Week NYC to anyone and everyone,” explains Helen Clarkson, CEO of The Climate Group, the international non-profit organization that has been running the event since it launched in 2008. “We are really excited about the reaction from businesses, big and small, who want to be part of the biggest climate action event of the year.”


Businesses wishing to support Climate Week NYC are asked to make a $60 donation to support the week and provide details of what they are doing to support climate action. In return, Climate Week NYC provides a window decal to showcase their involvement, as well as official listing on the Climate Week NYC online guide to sustainable businesses and other support through social media channels.

There are other ways that businesses, community projects and other groups can take part too. “We’re looking to host an event at Celsious,” comments Teresa. “There’s a really strong community here, we’re all so close knit and supportive of each other, and so it’s a really great way of bringing that together.”

Event registration for Climate Week NYC opened last month, and interest has significantly increased compared to the previous year. “This is the first year that we’re getting involved,” Corinna tells us. “I guess that’s why we’re so excited, to find out more about what’s happening and what we can get involved with.”

The mission of the scheme is to promote across the city, and around the world, some of the most accessible steps that companies can take to combat climate action.

“Prior to launching this today we’ve heard from restaurants and shops, all the way to major mobile phone companies and high street banks, all of which have made changes to how they run their business and want to spread the word to their community about what they’re doing,” Helen Clarkson comments.

“New York City hosts the largest Climate Week in the world for a reason. New Yorkers, and visitors to New York, are passionate about the impact that our everyday activities are having on the planet. By bringing businesses from across the city together in this way, we hope to amplify what is happening so that we can inspire others to do the same.”


Let your customers, clients, community and the world know that you support Climate Week NYC and climate action by purchasing a Climate Week NYC 'Climate Action is our Business' window decal.

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