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NEW YORK: Community members have “a joint responsibility to take more action” on climate change, says Jenny Bofinger-SchusterSustainability DirectorSiemens AG, in a Climate TV interview filmed at Climate Week NYC in September.

Siemens, the global engineering and technology giant, was a key participant at the iconic summit, which is hosted annually by The Climate Group, and focused on how climate action is spurring innovation, jobs and prosperity for all.

The summit, which saw over 140 events take place across New York City from 18-24 September, showcased the leadership of forward-thinking businesses and governments in tackling climate change while grasping its opportunities.

“It’s important that we take that action together,” underlines Jenny Bofinger-Schuster. “We need the governments, we need the private sector, we need states, we need cities and many, many more. Climate Week NYC is the perfect location to bring all these people together, who must work as multipliers, who have to win over others to drive action.”

Innovation is at the core of Siemens’ values, and is reflected in the sustainability initiatives of the company’s “Strategy Program Vision 2020”, which aims to make the company carbon neutral by 2030.

To date, half of Siemens’ sites in Germany use 100% green energy, which has reduced emissions by more than 400,000 tons of CO2 in the first year – with expected annual savings of more than US$24 million from 2020 onwards.

“It’s our role to provide the technology and the innovation also to other businesses, so that they become more efficient,” says Jenny Bofinger-Schuster. “It’s our role to be a leader in this battle against climate change – to show that it works, that there is a positive business case, that there are great opportunities for doing this; but also to give the right technologies, the right solutions, also the right vision on what they can do.”

Siemens wants to achieve carbon neutrality through a host of initiatives such as a dedicated energy efficiency program, using decentralized energy systems, reducing emissions from its vehicle fleet and powering part of its production facilities and buildings through green energy. The company also plans to invest about US$120 million in energy efficiency projects by 2020, and is expecting to reduce its emissions by an annual 80,000 metric tons.

In addition to its 2030 carbon neutral commitment, the company is also helping its customers to follow this pathway. “We are helping our customers to improve their operations, so that they can become carbon neutral too,” concludes Jenny Bofinger-Schuster. “In the last year, our customers saved 500 million tons of CO2 emissions by using our environmental portfolio.”

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