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Repeat Roses

We're kind to our planet and our partners by ending single-use floral design with a repurposing process that’s sustainable from start to finish. Clients' blooms get a second chance before being properly composted to help fight climate change. Repurposed flowers bring joy to NYC's neighbors in hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters—and the flowers won’t wind up in landfills, because Repeat Roses always returns to compost the waste and recycle the containers. All smiles, zero waste.
Hundreds of pounds of flowers wind up in the trash after every wedding, corporate event, and awards gala. We’re changing that. Repeat Roses transforms corporate and social event floral arrangements into repurposed bouquets that brighten hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters—then composts the blooms to keep waste out of landfills. We help clients care for the NYC community and the planet: and nothing could be more beautiful than that. Our social and environmental impact is adding up. To date, we’ve diverted more than 90 tons of waste from landfills and delivered over 50,000 floral arrangements to people in need.