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72 University Place
New York, NY 10013
United States

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(212) 498-9393


Nix was opened in 2016 by chef John Fraser and former media executive James Truman, with the intention of making vegetarian and vegan food feel fun, celebratory and sensual. In its first year of operation it was awarded a Michelin Star, which it retains to this day. Welcoming committed vegans and curious omnivores alike, Nix has been at the forefront of championing creative vegetarian cuisine.

Sustainability is a core value for Nix as a vegan and vegetarian restaurant. The growing shift toward meatless eating offers a ray of hope that our food chain can sustain for future generations, and bring with it improved health, ecological progress and human kindness. Our mission is to turn these political and scientific truths into an act of pleasure, through our inventive cooking, greenmarket cocktails and intimate atmosphere. As we like to say, no one leaves Nix missing the meat.