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Tuesday September 03 General

New York City welcomes 'Global Warning' collaboration with artist Per Arnoldi

We’re thrilled to be working with Danish artist Per Arnoldi to showcase these incredibly eye-catching and thought-provoking posters, depicting the urgency of climate change in his artwork ‘GLOBAL WARNING’. The exhibition is supported by the JCDecaux Group and the New Carlsberg Foundation has supported the artistic development.

The minimalistic posters and animations will run until the end of the month, during which the global issue of climate change is at the forefront of everyone's minds with the upcoming UNSG Summit and Climate Week NYC due to take place in a couple of weeks. Read more in the press release below.

Paris, September 2nd, 2019 – In close collaboration with international non-profit The Climate Group, which annually hosts Climate Week NYC, and JCDecaux, a new poster by Danish artist Per Arnoldi will appear on 40 sites in New York, displayed in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, from September 3rd, 2019.

Using a play of words, as well as image, the dramatic, minimal, and articulate language of the poster sends out a GLOBAL WARNING in the context of the threat of global warming.

To coincide with the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly (GA74, September 17th through September 24th, 2019), the poster campaign will bring the climate crisis to the fore.

From the day before the start of the General Assembly, a 15-second long animated version of the poster will be displayed 24-hours a day on 12 JCDecaux digital bus shelters in the area around the UN building.

The posters and animations will run until September 30th, which will give the world’s press, UN delegates, residents, and passers-by a full month to take in the gravity of the subject.

The campaign will generate more than 17 million impressions during its installation.

The exhibition is supported by The JCDecaux Group and New Carlsberg Foundation.

Achieving economic growth while respecting people and the environment is at the heart of our model. As a core element of JCDecaux's strategy, sustainable development enables us to anticipate future changes and represents a significant driver of growth and innovation. To meet the great environmental challenges facing the planet, JCDecaux is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its entire operations. Therefore, we are constantly forward-looking to provide innovative solutions which are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally-friendly and highly functional. Energy efficiency measures in the design and use of furniture and neutralisation of emissions from consumption is thus an important part of our strategy.

Jean-François Decaux, Chairman of the Executive Board and Co-CEO of JCDecaux, said: “Since the early 1990s, JCDecaux and Per Arnoldi have regularly partnered up to create more than 50 memorable posters mainly celebrating happy events. Today, it is the pressing issue of climate change that brings us together again. In line with our environmental commitments, we hope that Per’s latest work, Warning Global Warming, showcased on our New York street furniture, will be able to raise awareness. Eventually, we hope this will lead to everyone taking concrete action; from governments to citizens through political, economic and social actors”.

About Per Arnoldi

Per Arnoldi (1941) is a Danish artist, designer, journalist, radio/TV host, entertainer, writer, critic, raconteur and jazz aficionado who works from Copenhagen and London. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, porcelain, logo design, posters, furniture and color schemes for buildings come, worldwide, from his studio. His work is included in the permanent collections of MoMA (New York), The Smithsonian Institute (Washington, D.C.), Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Victoria and Albert Museum (London), The Israel Museum (Jerusalem) and Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Paris). With British Architect Norman Foster, he designed the National Police Memorial on The Mall in London and a recent official sculpture in Copenhagen commemorates the approximately 2000 Danish sailors of the Merchant Navy fallen in World War II.

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