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My Flood Risk

My Flood Risk is an online portal that allows property owners in America to discover their TRUE flood risk. We designed this tool in response to outdated and inaccurate FEMA flood maps which have created a decades old misconception that low-risk equals no-risk when it comes to flooding. FEMA flood maps do no account for recent land development or climate changes in their mapping process. Our tool uses up-to-date data to provide a flood-risk score for each property. 

When it comes to flooding and flood risks the world cannot maintain at the rate of sea-level and climate changes we are currently experiencing. We need sustainability to prevent entire communities from being underwater, including some of the most important of the economic health of America, many tourism destinations are at high-risk of being flooded out.

Our organization has joined with others, such as PEW, to influence change at the legislative level and fight for flood disclosure and flood mitigation laws.