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60 Bedford St
New York, NY 10014
United States

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Jussara Lee

Jussara Lee is a fashion company based in NYC and in business for 28 years. We have a brick and mortar in the West Village where we house our clothes and offer accessories hand made by local artists, global artisans, women empowerment groups, and youth at risk. We've focused on hand-tailored, custom-made clothes as a means to shift my business practices to a more environmentally conscious operation by producing less clothes. 

The fashion industry extracts massive amounts of virgin natural resources and is heavily dependent on fossil fuel for their production, packaging and shipping cycles. We've downsized from wholesale to custom made clothes. That way we concentrate our energy in making less but better clothes. Sustainability takes precedence over profit but our margins are better now which keeps us afloat. We only offer biodegradable materials, natural dyes and all the left over fabrics are then transformed into new textile, down to the 1" scrap. Our production is local, a subway ride away from our design studio. We also offer workshops on a regular basis to educate consumers on how to wash, darn and transform their clothes instead of buying new.