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56 Briar Hill Drive
Yonkers, NY 10710
United States

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Hughes Energy Group

Hughes Energy is a sales, marketing and project management company that is developing and implementing the Waste to Energy technology invented by Wilson Bio-Chemical. Our steam autoclaving technology is known as the Wilson System. This technology will process municipal solid waste to generate a biomass fuel and create sterile recyclables. The biomass fuel is known as Wilson Fiber, a new source of renewable energy.

Hughes Energy can offer waste operators, energy suppliers, environmentally concerned municipalities, or larger organisations an innovate approach to process waste and generate renewable energy. Our steam autoclaving technology, known as The Wilson System, uses municipal solid waste as a feedstock to produce a biomass fuel, called Wilson Fiber. Significant methane reduction is possible by diverting organics from landfill; Hughes Energy repurposes this methane-creating organic waste to a create high-quality biofuel. This source of renewable energy will help us move away from fossil fuels and create a sustainable future for generations to come.