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Wednesday August 21 General

Guide to Sustainable Businesses in NYC

New York City is known for its shops and restaurants, and this year for Climate Week NYC, we are seeking out sustainable businesses. What do we mean by that? This means businesses who are taking steps to combat climate change; whether it’s preventing food waste to getting rid of all plastics, our 'Climate Action is our Business' campaign shines a light on the companies who are taking climate action.

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Here are some of the coolest sustainable businesses advocating for a healthier planet in NYC:

Charley St

Charley St is a leading fast-casual restaurant providing consumers with an elevated food and beverage experience. Charley St is focused on delivering colorful, nutritional food and beverages to the masses, with a focus on sustainable practices and produce sourced from local purveyors and farmers. Using only premium ingredients, Charley St.’s menu is designed to deliver amazing taste with added functional and health benefits.

The sustainability goals for Charley St with respect to the food system include sourcing, education, and zero waste. Some of Charley St’s key initiatives to action these goals include: allowing the soil to guide what is available and not be dictated by the consumer; creating plant-based proteins such as "Charley St Chorizo”; in-store tap that builds a well in a developing country for every 10,000 bottles saved; and educative content created in their studio kitchen.


The Wally Shop is an innovative, zero-waste grocery delivery service that offers same-day delivery with fresh ingredients from local farmers markets and bulk shops. Their all-reusable packaging can be returned upon the next delivery, so customers can partake in a sustainable, closed-loop system. By offering organic, local ingredients without any packaging waste, The Wally Shop makes responsible and sustainable shopping convenient for all.

As the first zero-waste grocery delivery service, The Wally Shop puts sustainability at the forefront of everything they do. From opting for all reusable packaging, to supporting local farms and organic practices, to using bikes for all their deliveries, they are proud to support small businesses and be an innovator of sustainable practices.

Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange is the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the US. They operate the world’s largest rooftop soil farms, located on three roofs in New York City, and grow over 80,000 lbs of organic produce per year. Brooklyn Grange also hosts events and educational programming; designs, installs, and often maintains green spaces for clients all over the tri-state area, and provides urban farming and green roof consulting services to clients worldwide.

Sustainability is at the heart of Brooklyn Grange’s mission. They are constantly innovating ways to create future cities that are greener, cleaner, and more delicious. Brooklyn Grange is a triple bottom line business, which means that when making decisions, they consider not only their financial profit but also, the natural capital they gain or lose. They think of their business as part of an ecosystem and aim to benefit all other members of that ecosystem, from the ladybug laying larva on the lettuce to fellow human beings across the globe.

Repeat Roses

Repeat Roses is kind to the planet and their partners every step of the way by ending single-use floral design with a repurposing process that’s sustainable from start to finish. Clients' blooms get a second chance to make someone smile before being properly composted to help fight climate change. When clients choose Repeat Roses for their corporate or social event, everybody wins. Repurposed flowers bring joy to NYC's neighbors in hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters—and the flowers won’t wind up in landfills, because Repeat Roses always returns to compost the waste and recycle the containers. All smiles, zero waste.

Hundreds of pounds of flowers wind up in the trash after every wedding, corporate event, and awards gala. Repeat Roses is changing that; they transform corporate and social event floral arrangements into repurposed bouquets that brighten hospitals, nursing homes, and shelters—then composts the blooms to keep waste out of landfills. To date, they’ve diverted more than 90 tons of waste from landfills and delivered over 50,000 floral arrangements to people in need.

Le Botaniste

Le Botaniste is a Plant-based and Organic Restaurant and Wine Bar located in NYC and in Belgium. They provide accessible and quality food as well as a selection of Natural and organic wines. Sustainability is one of the main values of their business. They work exclusively with organic and plant-based products. Le Botaniste received the CO2 neutral certification and work day after day to be more sustainable and educate people on sustainability. They recycle their garbage and limit it to the bare minimum. Le Botaniste only use compostable silverware and plates and encourage guests to dine in instead.

Are you a sustainable business? Register for our ‘Climate Action is our Business’ campaign here.

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