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1732 First Avenue, NO 24751
New York, NY 10128
United States

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(917) 200-0203

Grand Banks

Grand Banks is a celebrated cocktail and oyster bar aboard the historic wooden schooner, Sherman Zwicker.

Since 2014, Grand Banks has done its part to restore healthy rivers, sustain our nation's fisheries and develop oyster habitats in New York Harbor. As a waterfront restaurant, we have a keen understanding of the amount of waste that ends up in our waterways and try to do our part to eliminate that wherever possible. We eliminated straws in 2017 and are trying to eliminate single use glass bottles where possible by serving kegged wine and filtered water in lieu of bottled.

We care deeply about sustaining our ocean's fish stocks for future generations and only source wild fish from species with healthy populations, or farmed fish from environmentally-responsible operations. We partner with the Billion Oyster Project to support their efforts to repopulate the NYC Harbor.