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Tuesday September 15 General

Facebook Announces Climate Science Information Center and Net-Zero Goals Ahead of Climate Week NYC

Facebook has announced its ambitious goal to reach net-zero emission for their value chain and operations in 2030. This is in addition to the launch of their new Climate Science Information Center to connect people to factual and up-to information and tackle climate misinformation.  

Helen Clarkson, CEO of international non-profit, the Climate Group, organizer of Climate Week NYC said:

“Facebook recognizes the major role they play in climate action. We’re proud that as a member of our global initiative on renewables, RE100, that they are close to achieving their clean power goal.

Reaching net zero in its operations and value chain by 2030 is a major commitment from a company like Facebook that has global influence and connects more than three billion people every month. We are now in the Climate Decade, where we must halve global emissions by 2030, and it is crucial that more companies follow Facebook’s lead to address the climate crisis at global scale.

We’re also excited to see the launch of the new Climate Science Information Center, that coincides with Climate Week NYC. This initiative will encourage more people to engage on climate and take positive action.”

Learn more about Facebook's announcements on their latest blog article by Edward Palmieri, Director of Sustainability at Facebook.

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