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Zero Carbon Britain: Skilling Up!

With technical solutions readily available, the momentum coming from towns and cities to get to net zero is the political and cultural challenge of our generation. Zero Carbon Britain’s two day interactive course helps councils, institutions, business and active citizens turn their climate emergency declarations into practical action. 

For nearly 50 years the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in Wales has inspired and enabled people to achieve practical solutions for sustainability. This course will take an indepth look at CAT’s flagship research, to help provide the confidence, information and skills to enable robust action planning with a view to a better understanding of what a net zero Britain could be like. You will connect with a network of others working and studying in the field and explore the radical changes needed to rise to the climate challenge. 

With 12 years of research and the latest scientific and technological developments, the Zero Carbon Britain report presents a technically feasible scenario showcasing a future Zero Carbon Britain using only proven technology. The research includes: 

  • technical scenario modelling energy and land-use 

  • a summary of low- and zero-carbon case studies from around the world

  • explores cultural, social and political barriers to change 

  • an in-depth look at food and diets.

“CAT were pushing for Net Zero well over a decade ago. They understood the science, the engineering, the economics – why it would be great for our communities across the UK. I love what they do, and how they do it.” Nick Bridge, Foreign Secretary’s Special Representative for Climate Change, UK Government.

Sign up to the course here. Download the Zero Carbon Britain research here.

CAT’s new Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab helps turn climate emergency declarations into action, sharing zero carbon solutions to help build resilience where you live. Find out more.