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Women in the Climate Change Workforce

Largely due to gender inequalities around the world, women bear a disproportionate burden of climate change. As main providers of food and fuel, women are more vulnerable to drought and flooding. Given this, women are uniquely situated to be champions of change, including in the workforce, and while more women today are represented in leadership positions, there is still a significant gender gap. Women, especially women of color, continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions even though it is well established that diversity is highly beneficial to creativity, innovation, effectiveness and ultimately problem-solving.

During this Climate Week NYC event, we will hear from an inspiring panel of women in climate and environmental leadership positions who will share their experiences and what they view as the challenges and opportunities to institute equity, diversity, and inclusion in environmental organizations.


Teveia Barnes (Moderator) Former Executive Director, California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank

Mary Nichols Chair, California Air Resources Board

Nancy Sutley Senior Assistant General Manager and Chief Sustainability Office, LADWP

Marilyn Waite Program Officer, Environment, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation