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What COVID-19 Can Teach Travel Industry

Climate change may be perceived as more a distant threat than pandemic but is likely an even bigger long term problem. In this conversation, we'll look at climate risk, the concept of resiliency, and learn how to rebuild from the current crisis in a more sustainable way - one that will mitigate future risks, contribute to global environmental goals, and ultimately ensure business continuity.

Please Join:

Muireann Gibbons Neff, Regional Lead North America at South Pole - Muireann's expertise covers project and technology finance, data and advisory on sustainability risks and opportunities, as well as the development of environmental commodities such as carbon or renewable energy credits.

Conor Ryan, Lindblad Expeditions - Conor is a naturalist at Lindblad Expeditions with expertise in marine mammal biology and seabirds. His research focusses on migration and food-web ecology of baleen whales. His most recent research projects have used underwater acoustics to census and map the distribution whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) in remote regions.

Sara Bogdan, Sustainability and ESG at JetBlue Airways - Sara currently helps manage JetBlue's sustainability program, leading multiple operational projects that reduce fuel and waste output, that better prepare the organization for a changing and resource-constrained world.

Court Whelan, Director of Sustainability and Conservation Travel Programs and Expedition Leader at Natural Habitat Adventures - As an expedition leader, tour guide, public speaker, scientist, conservation biologist, and photographer, Court's passion is to teach people about nature in various ways to increase our collective understanding and appreciation of the natural world--in order to save it.