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Vote for the Future

At Seventh Generation, we are in the business of building a healthier future. You can’t live a healthy life on a sick planet and that is why Seventh Generation has held itself accountable for the impact every decision has on the environment. As a Certified B Corp, the company is on a mission to transform the world into a healthy, sustainable and equitable place for the next seven generations.

With the climate crisis at a tipping point and the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting every aspect of our lives, the outcomes of the 2020 General Election will be felt for years to come. That’s why as part of our mission to build a healthier, more equitable future, we’re focusing our efforts on increasing voter turnout.

There has been a litany of policies over the last four years that have put the health of our current and future generations at risk. That’s why Seventh Generation is working to help mobilize people to vote for the future they want – our health and our lives depend on it. Unless we vote with climate in mind, we won’t achieve equitable access. Everyone should be empowered to take an active role in creating and voting for the future they want. One that’s healthy, sustainable and equitable.

Seventh Generation has been extremely inspired by the energy of Gen Z, which has stepped up and spoken out on climate action. We share their urgency in addressing the climate crisis. And despite the fact most Gen Z are not yet old enough to cast a vote in arguably the most important presidential election yet, we are reminded each day of the irreversible climate impact we will leave for them.

Will you vote for the future? Young people across America are fighting for climate justice, but they need your voice to make theirs heard. From voter registration to understanding the candidates and their policies, we’re providing voter resources to empower you to vote on behalf of the generations who can’t yet.

For more than 30 years it has been our mission to create a healthy and fulfilled life on this planet for generations to come. We have less than a decade to take meaningful action on climate. Scientists have never been in more agreement that this is a crisis we need to address now.

We believe everyone should have a say in the health of future generations, but the future is now. That’s why we ask you to vote for the future. Vote for Asher, age 11, for Nadja, age 16, for Emmett, age 14 – all unable to do so themselves. We are voting for the health and wellbeing of the next seven generations. We ask you to put climate first and pledge to vote for the future.