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Time Piece 2020

‘Time Piece’ is a virtual platform which brings together an international community. It encourages the development of new artworks, which respond to current world events within the new online art ecosystems of our time.

On each day of Climate Week NYC (21st-27th September) an artist will take over Air Bridge Space, via Zoom’s portal, as part of a series of live online performances. The artists will be touching upon the current themes of climate justice as a human rights issue, the communities of the future and our relationship with our environment; all within the constructs of climate change’s non linear timeline.

The Time Piece Collective is set to host it’s inaugural international virtual arts festival, as part of the Climate Group's 'Climate Week NYC' (21-27 September 2020). ‘Time Piece 2020’ brings together artists, musicians, dancers, writers and audiences from around the world, as part of the future's art ecosystem. These artists will be responding to global events, around the themes of climate change and climate justice. They’ll be presenting as part of a live stream, at AirBridge Space, which is accessed through Zoom's online portal. Artists will be celebrating and sharing live creative moments and also contributing to the rallying cry; be it of healing, solidarity or education. There is also an urgency with this project. Each artist will perform for one day of Climate Week, but only for 100 seconds - the time left on the 2020 Doomsday Clock. The clock is a symbol, which sits at the intersection between art and science, representing manmade catastrophes. Let's make every moment count!