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The emergency is real, it´s here. This is a call to action for local solutions and collaboration across sectors to restore forests and soils and our common future. Ecosystems and communities need toolkits with regenerative practices, with a viable local protocol and transparent MRV in order to align sub-national public policies, the civil society and the philanthropic community to protect biodiversity and rural livelihoods.

Join this official event hosted by Querétaro State, Mexico, the new Co-Chair for Latin America of the Under2° Coalition, in a discussion about current solutions for our planet.

“Judith Schwartz’s world tour of environmental solutions shows how nature itself can heal the wounds we have inflicted on our planet.”

Alfonso Dosal: “We want to defend our constitutional right to a healthy environment and the protection of Natural Protected Areas.”

Pati Ruiz: “It´s time to value natural capital in favor of the local communities that own the land, and increase ecosystems´ capacity to thrive.”

The model for regenerating forests and farmlands pioneered by Querétaro State and leaders in the field of regenerative financing, community building, holistic management and conservation in action come together for a dynamic discussion around sub-national Public Policy, local initiatives and nature-based solutions.

The distinguished speakers:

Alfonso Dosal, actor and activist, will be the host to guide the storyline throughout the session.

Marco del Prete, Secretary of Sustainable Development of Querétaro State, Mexico, whose dedication has pioneered a local protocol for climate action on a sub-national level, and replicating in other states.

Martha "Pati" Ruiz Corzo, Director, Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda I.A.P.  activist and international awardwinner whose creative vision and leadership built this model from the bottom-up.

Judy Schwartz, a journalist whose work centers on how to regenerate ecosystems from the ground up, using narrative to illuminate scientific principles. She is the author of “Cows Save the Planet”, “Water In Plain Sight”, and the newly published “The Reindeer Chronicles and Other Inspiring Stories of Working With Nature to Heal the Earth”. She is based in Vermont in the United States.

Dan Bradbury, World Land Trust, a leading international wildlife conservation charity, who found in Sierra Gorda a unique partnership for wildlands protection and reducing carbon footprints.

Closing remarks: Ruth Andrade, LUSH Cosmetics and Re-generosity - Driving philanthropy and investors towards regenerative models in communities and landscapes.

And a gifted artist to illustrate the conversation during the two hour space.

A private list of VIPs, current and potential funders and allies will join the Zoom room with us as observers and in the last half hour participate in a wider conversation.

* There will be Spanish/English interpretation channels available.