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Raise Your Voice for Corporate Activism

You can watch this event on the Climate Group's Facebook Watch page.

Our session for Climate Week NYC is about how to put your pro-climate passion to work featuring global influential climate activist leaders.

We encourage all our attendees to invite a rising star in your organization to be your guest to our Facebook live roundtable. Register to attend here.

This one-hour discussion will be streamed on Facebook Live and moderated by former Facebook and Google sustainability czar Bill Weihl. He'll be joined by Youth Ambassadors for ClimateVoice, a new initiative to mobilize the voice of the workforce to get companies to go "all in" on climate in their operations and in public policy. Q&A will follow the conversation.

This live interactive session is open to everyone, but focuses on college students and young professionals who have recently entered the workforce and are looking to align their careers with their values on climate. We will be talking to a panel of young climate activists to hear their thoughts and ideas. The session will address questions like:

  • What does it mean to choose a climate-positive career?
  • What is the corporate role in pro-climate leadership?
  • What can you do to act?

RSVP on Eventbrite.


  • Shiva Patel, MBA Candidate at Haas - UC Berkeley
  • Camila Rico, MBA Candidate at Haas - UC Berkeley with an emphasis on Clean Energy / Sustainability
  • Yonadav Shavit, PhD Student at Harvard University
  • Natalie Ludwig, 2018 Dartmouth graduate, currently pursuing a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation at USC while simultaneously working in the fashion industry

This event is being hosted by ClimateVoice, an organization with a mission to mobilize the voice of the workforce to urge companies to go “all in” on climate, both in business practices and policy advocacy. Achieving ambitious carbon reduction goals (50% by 2030 and zero by 2050) will take broad and sweeping action. These goals require urgent public policy changes at the local, state and federal levels. A mobilized workforce will make sure that companies step up and advocate.