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Nuclear New York
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2:30 PM
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Nuclear Energy for a Sustainable Planet

Energy policy decisions need to be made based on evidence, not Hollywood tropes. Unfortunately the largest source of clean energy is under threat due to economics of the U.S. shale revolution and fear-inducing myths spread by antinuclear groups. We will draw upon independent research to present a holistic impact assessment that evaluates the human safety, climate, and ecological impacts of electricity generation.

Evidence from around the world makes clear that whenever a nuclear plant shuts down, a proportionate amount of fossil electricity generation ramps up. New York City is going through a fossil fuel takeover that imperils the state's ambitious climate goals and harms population-dense environmental justice communities in the inner-city.

We invite all environmentalists, health professionals, policy makers, and influencers to a dialog on the real-world impacts of our energy choices, and what we can do to help.

Nuclear New York is a project of Community Studies of New York, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are an independent, non-partisan, advocacy organization devoted to supporting nuclear energy in New York State.

We see nuclear as indispensable in the effort to decarbonize our economies. A densely-populated region like New York requires energy sources that reflect this characteristic. Nuclear power’s energy density results in the lowest ecological footprint, especially compared to low-density land-intensive renewable sources like wind and solar. In downstate New York, there is little space for a massive expansion of solar and wind generation. We see nuclear being an essential complement to variable renewable sources of energy.