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Melting the poles - why broad public engagement is so critical for overcoming polarisation and how it can build the mandate for climate action

This session, presented by George Marshall, Founding Director of Climate Outreach and author of “Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change”, will explore why understanding and broad-based public support is vital to strong policy and personal behaviour change.

George will discuss how governments have approached public engagement so far and why a lack of investment in, and emphasis on, public understanding has contributed to the severe polarisation on climate issues that still persists today. The session will present:

  • How climate change public engagement can be done powerfully and effectively
  • Best practice in engaging the public around the key issues of climate impacts and achieving a just transition
  • The fundamental moral and legal right of people across the world to understand key climate issues that will radically affect their lives.

Climate Outreach are a team of social scientists and communication specialists working as the preeminent organisation in Europe to widen and deepen public engagement with climate change. Through research, training, and practical guidance, the charity provides expert support to help organisations and individuals communicate about climate change in ways that resonate with the values of their audiences.