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Leading the Sustainability Charge Through Times of Uncertainty

2020 was hailed as the beginning of the Climate Decade. 10 years to drive urgent and deliberate action globally to rethink how we use resources, design products and function in a more holistically sustainable way. Then the unprecedented and unexpected happened. Over the course of a few months the world as we knew it transformed, from a global pandemic shutting down economies to social unrest and discontentment to political posturing. The world as we knew it was instantly stalled leaving in its wake consumers and stakeholders demanding their brands to rise up and respond more boldly and authentically than ever before.

This uncertainty is far from over, but what we do know is the near-term urgency these cataclysmic events have induced cannot overshadow the looming and present threat of climate change, or the need for organizations to keep the sustainability agendas progressing. So, how can we as sustainability leaders keep this progress moving forward in the face of such uncertainty?

This executive roundtable, hosted by ENGIE Impact, will bring together sustainability leaders from around the world to collaborate on how organizations can frame their sustainability initiatives, rethink strategies and update businesses cases to ensure they stay at the top of the executive agendas amongst this state of global unrest and uncertainty.

This event is part of the Hub Live by the Climate Group and is by invite only