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Investing in Nature Based and Technological Climate Solutions

Nature-based solutions, defined as actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore nature to tackle socio-environmental challenges, can provide more than a third of the climate mitigation needed to meet carbon emission goals set in the Paris Agreement. In this informative webinar, you will hear from industry champions, such as the World Resources Institute, Pollination Group, and Carbon Engineering on their commitments to protect the world’s biodiversity and offers technology projects that removes carbon dioxide.

  • Opening Remarks: Nicholas Moreau, CEO, HSBC Global Asset Management
  • Moderator: Melissa McDonald, Global Head of Product, Equities & Responsible Investing, HSBC Global Asset Management
  • Speakers include: WRI: JP Leous, Director of International Corporate Relations , Pollination: Martin Berg, Partner at Pollination, and Carbon Engineering: Steve Oldham, CEO.