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International Conference on Sustainable Development

Due to the continued uncertainty around the global COVID-19 pandemic, the ICSD Organizing Committee has decided to convene the 2020 event virtually. This will allow ICSD to remain accessible to all, while providing our community with a forum to continue advancing the SDGs. We realize that this disease is affecting different countries on different timelines, and want to ensure that all participants, from all countries, have an equal opportunity to attend this exciting event.

The theme for ICSD 2020 is Cross-Cutting Solutions for the Decade of Action. With only ten years until Agenda 2030, it is critical that actions and changes must be made to reach the 17 SDGs that were established in 2015. At ICSD, researchers, professors, students, nonprofits, and government leaders alike are encouraged to join throughout the two-day conference to hear conversations and solutions from the world’s top sustainable development leaders on how to navigate this Decade of Action.

ICSD 2020 will take place Monday, September 21 and Tuesday, September 22. 

About The Organizers

The Center for Sustainable Development (CSD) mobilizes the scientific expertise of the Earth Institute to create tools and research that shape new solutions to the challenges of sustainable development and to provide policy support – as requested by governments and development organizations – to address these challenges in the context of a global society.

The Earth Institute, Columbia University, brings together the people and tools needed to address some of the world’s most difficult problems, from climate change and environmental degradation, to poverty, disease and the sustainable use of resources.

The Global Master’s in Development Practice (MDP), an interdisciplinary graduate degree program, prepares students to better identify and address the challenges of sustainable development. MDP programs generally consist of two years of coursework in four intersecting disciplines—health, natural, social, and management sciences–combined with cross-sectoral field training.

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) aims to accelerate joint learning and help to overcome the compartmentalization of technical and policy work by promoting integrated approaches to the interconnected economic, social, and environmental challenges confronting the world. The SDSN works closely with United Nations agencies, multilateral financing institutions, the private sector, and civil society.

This event is part of the Clean Energy Transition, Transport and Infrastructure, Industry and Built Environment, Finance, Investment and Jobs, Food and Land Use, Nature and Science, US and International Policy, Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice, Sustainable Travel and Tourism, and Climate Impacts and Adaptation programs.