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The Sacred Headwaters Initiatve, CONFENIAE, AIDESEP, ORPIO, COICA, Fundación Pachamama, Amazon Watch,
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An Indigenous Vision for a Just Transition

The Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative (ASHI) was created in 2017 by indigenous organizations and allies from Ecuador and Peru in a strategic alliance with COICA, Amazon Watch, Stand Earth, the Pachamama Foundation, and the Pachamama Alliance. ASHI’s main goal is to build a shared vision among indigenous peoples and different stakeholders towards establishing a bi-national protected region – off-limits to industrial scale resource extraction, and governed in accordance with traditional indigenous principles of cooperation and harmony that foster a mutually enhancing human-Earth relationship.

Spanning more than 74 million acres (30 million hectares) of largely intact tropical rainforest in Ecuador and Peru, the Sacred Headwaters region boasts the highest concentration of biodiversity in all of the Amazon and in the world. It is home to 500k indigenous peoples from more than 20 nationalities. However, it also contains nearly 5 billion barrels of oil. New oil development will fragment this vast roadless area and will be a gateway to trigger a point of no return of deforestation and degradation.

Hosted by the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative (ASHI), join us to learn from a group of indigenous and environmental leaders, about the opportunities that the ASHI brings to the Amazon Basin. By identifying the scope, nature, goals, and priorities of this indigenous-led vision of the Amazon, the aim is to create a bottom-up model that can be replicated in the Amazon Basin.

You can expect:
TO LEARN about how indigenous peoples, and civil society have aligned around a shared vision for the protection of the Sacred Headwaters region.
TO UNDERSTAND the permanent efforts to resist expansion of extractive industries including oil and mining and related infrastructure in the region.
TO ENGAGE in an exceptional opportunity to create and demonstrate a new ecologic-economic model to usher in the post-carbon era – one that both safeguards the vital heart of our Earth’s biosphere and enhances human wellbeing.
TOOLS AND CONNECTIONS for grassroots organizers, indigenous leaders, activists, environmental groups, NGO’s, local and/or national governments and others who are looking for innovative solutions for energy transition and climate policy.

This event will be hosted as a Zoom webinar, and you can register at [] or by using the button above.

We’ll also share details about a simultaneous livestream closer to the event date.

Atossa Soltani-Global Director, The Sacred Headwaters Initiative Moderadora/Moderator Introducción/Introduction
Lizardo Cauper, President-Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest Cuencas Sagradas: Una Alianza de los pueblos indígenas para la humanidad The Sacred Headwaters: An alliance of the indigenous peoples for humanity
Sandra Tukup, Leader of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon Ecuador: la urgencia de una transformación con derechos Ecuador: The urgency of a transformation with rights
Nelton Yankur, President of the Achuar Nationality in Peru Perú: la reunificación del pueblo Achuar, un ejemplo de futuro
Peru: the reunification of the Achuar people, an example of the future
Wrays Pérez: President of the WAMPIS nation La lucha contra el extractivismo para una transición justa
The fight against extractivism for a just transition