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How a Small Grant Helped a Community’s Sustainability Efforts Even During a Global Pandemic: Six SDG Transformations and Drawdown Solutions

The Roosevelt Island community benefited from an Engaged Opportunity grant awarded to the neighborhood campus, Cornell Tech, via Cornell University’s Office of Engagement Initiatives. This grant enabled the community and partners to create an initiative entitled, Engaged Roosevelt Island (Engaged RI for short) with the purpose of promoting environmental understanding and boosting sustainable practices on Roosevelt Island.

Join us for an hour long presentation highlighting key takeaways from a year of community building, engagement, education, and action steps all geared toward providing the public with sustainable options and access to resources that support everyday choices. Guided by the Six SDG Transformations and Drawdown thinking, we learned about the ripple effects of human connection and a focus on solutions.

Participants will hear from a variety of community members, young and young at heart, as they share inspiring stories of what they learned and how that knowledge began to change behaviors and help them understand how to live a healthier life; both kind to the earth and each other. The audience will walk away with ideas that can be taken by any neighborhood and an understanding of how a small community can mobilize sustainability efforts with a small grant using principles of leave no one behind & circularity from the six SDG transformations and solutions thinking from Drawdown.