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MOVEIUS Contemporary Ballet
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Available On-Demand Online
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GLACIER: A Climate Change Ballet

MOVEIUS Contemporary Ballet (MOVEIUS) is creating a path for ballet to speak to political and societal issues. The nationally-acclaimed GLACIER: A Climate Change Ballet imagines dancers as melting polar ice caps and brings the arctic environment alive to audience members. Dancers ripple, crack and plunge amidst video projections by Robin Bell, creating movement that connects the audience-member to the impact of global warming. GLACIER broke ground in 2015 as the first ballet about climate change to be choreographed by a climate policy expert, and in 2018, it became the first ballet ever presented as part of an international climate conference last year in San Francisco.

In honor of Climate Week NYC 2020, MOVIEUS is sharing GLACIER with the world. The full production is now available online for viewers to watch from home on-demand. 

"Live performance is a powerful medium for confronting some of the most challenging issues of our time. I want the audience to leave with a visceral understanding of why many care deeply about this issue and why more action is needed to protect our environment," says director/choreographer Diana Movius.

Watch GLACIER now!

As this is a free offering, please consider donating the cost of a virtual ticket to support the ballet here.