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There’s no denying that these are daunting times. Scientists say we must completely overhaul our global economy within a decade to avoid a global climate catastrophe as early as 2050. A bold, worldwide renewable energy transition is essential to this transformation. So is a complete remaking of our relationship to the land, including our global food economy and the way we manage tropical rainforests.

The Rainforest Alliance works at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forest communities to advance natural climate solutions—including sustainable agriculture and forest conservation—that comprise more than one-third of the global climate solution.

As our peers in the climate arena press world leaders to embrace a just, renewable energy transition, we are working to unlock the potential of natural climate solutions by promoting shared responsibility across the supply chain. From farmers and forest communities to companies and consumers, our futures are bound together.

Though our individual actions may feel small in the face of such monumental challenges, one thing is certain: Together, we have tremendous potential to change corporate behavior, shape government policies, and spark a worldwide culture shift. To do this, we must harness our collective climate power. 

Our frog is the perfect ally in this mission – as an indicator species, the abundant presence frogs is a sign that the natural ecosystem is balanced and thriving. When frogs disappear from an ecosystem, we know that it is compromised and that other species within that ecosystem will soon suffer if we don’t do something urgently.

Certification is a powerful tool to catalyze sustainability improvements on a large scale. It also provides a way for consumers to support this improvement by stimulating the demand for more sustainably sourced products. This increased demand supports farmers and forest communities who invest time, labor, and community resources in their continuous journey of sustainability. We’re proud to launch our new certification seal, which reflects our new approach to certification, climate resilience, and climate mitigation.

The theme of this year’s campaign is “Our Collective Climate Power”. That theme speaks to the ways in which conscientious consumers can help create a world where responsible business is “the new normal” and better choices are easy to make.