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Fight Climate Change By Eating More Plants: Start with #MeatlessMonday

Reducing meat consumption is one of the most impactful actions individuals can take to fight climate change.

Shifting towards a more plant-based diet can help preserve land and water resources and slow the acceleration of climate change. In addition to the environmental impacts, reducing meat consumption also reduces the global burden of chronic preventable diseases.

But people are creatures of habit and eating less meat can be challenging.

Meatless Monday helps people make the shift towards plant-based eating by encouraging a small step of cutting out meat one day a week; versus a major lifestyle change. Research shows that people who go Meatless Monday eat more plant-based foods throughout the rest of the week.

Getting started with a Meatless Monday practice is easier than ever thanks to the many delicious plant-based foods available at mainstream grocery stores, quick service restaurants, and meatless meal inspiration online and via social media.

Kick-start your Climate Week NYC 2020 by taking action during mealtime - commit to Meatless Monday this week and every week - and encourage your friends, family, and colleagues to join you.

Here are a few simple steps to help make Meatless Monday an ongoing practice:

  • Follow Meatless Monday on social media for news, recipes and research (@MeatlessMonday, #MeatlessMonday).
  • Access hundreds of plant-based recipes and make a meatless meal for your family and friends.
  • Sign-up for the Meatless Monday weekly newsletter to receive recipes and news.
  • Use #MeatlessMonday and post your plant-based meal inspiration for others to find