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Sustaining All Life and United to End Racism
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2:30:00 PM
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Expressing Climate Grief

Unhealed grief, fear, and frustration about the climate emergency affects our initiative and hope for the future. Our unexpressed emotions interfere with our ability to bring our intelligence and energy to effectively respond to the climate crisis.

The opportunity to openly express emotions about the damage to the earth and its inhabitants can release enormous thinking and action. In this workshop we will:

★ Listen to each other in groups and pairs with awareness and caring

★ Learn the approaches used by Sustaining All Life and United to End Racism to heal from the emotions we experience in reaction to the climate crisis, increase our effectiveness in the climate justice movement, and prevent burnout

★ Learn tools to take back to their home communities and organizations to help others notice, feel, and release their climate grief and other emotions

This event is part of the Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice and Climate Impacts and Adaptation programs.