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Don’t wait! Keeling Curve Prize Winners on 2020 Action

In a year with so many challenges, the Keeling Curve Prize offers us hope for a better future by recognizing ten 2020 winners, announced in July 2020 and recognized for their inspirational efforts in confronting global warming.

This event gives you the chance to hear from a few of these pioneering voices about the importance of their work, what winning the Keeling Curve Prize has meant to them, and how they feel we can tackle the climate change crisis in the coming months.

The KCP prize categories span the areas of transport and mobility, energy, capture and utilization, finance, and social and cultural pathways, emphasizing that a wide array of solutions is necessary to confront thi s planetary crisis and begin to bend down the Keeling Curve.

Panelists for this event, moderated by Jacquelyn Francis, Executive Director of the Global Warming Mitigation Project, include:

Emily McAteer, CEO and Co-founder, Odyssey Energy Solutions

Heather Hochrein, CEO and Founder, EVmatch

Jeff Schnurr, CEO, Jaza Energy

Taylor Krause, National Outreach and Partnership Coordinator, Citizens' Climate Lobby