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Cut Down Today: CO2HEROs in Copenhagen

Theme : Cut down CO2 through daily actions.

Target audience : Generation Y / Millennials.

Copenhagen is a pioneer in bicycle transportation, environmental-friendly district heating, and several other climate-conscious acts that are a part of the daily life of its residents. It is also a city that is on track to become the first CO2 neutral capital in the world by 2025.

With that as our backdrop, we will be hosting a live event from key locations throughout the city that tell the story of climate-friendly choices that people have made, and can still make to better their daily lives.

CO2HERO is a movement to better our daily lives. We have a powerful vision and exist to encourage a change in everyday behaviour. Our innovative platform provides the tools, partnerships and knowledge to motivate people to take action for saving the planet. We inspire people to take charge, and most importantly, make them feel like what they do matters.