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Cut Down Today: CO2HEROs in Copenhagen

CO2HERO is launching its app on the 22nd of September at Climate Week NYC at 8 AM - 9 AM (UTC-4).

The event will be live from our CO2HERO studio, sharing glimpses of Copenhagen and its cutting-edge climate landscape, whilst hosting local Copenhagen CO2HEROs who encapsulate climate-consciousness (and sustainability) in what they do for the people they serve. We not only love that but, we want to inspire you to do the same.

With Copenhagen as our backdrop - a city that has pioneered the way in which you can live, move, eat and buy services and goods in a carbon-friendly way - we feel we have an incredible setting for what should result in you feeling empowered to make a difference in your daily life.


Looking forward to seeing you there, as we continue to create a movement to better each of our daily lives … all in a balanced way.
CO2HERO is a movement to better our daily lives. We have a powerful vision and exist to encourage a change in everyday behaviour. Our innovative platform provides the tools, partnerships and knowledge to motivate people to take action for saving the planet. We inspire people to take charge, and most importantly, make them feel like what they do matters.