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Foundation for Climate Restoration and The Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge University
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Climate Restoration: The Road to COP26

Ending dependence on fossil fuels and protecting the planet’s populations and places are critically needed steps to prevent further damage to our climate. However, these measures alone cannot reverse the changes we have already made or guarantee a habitable planet. That is why climate restoration is a critical third pillar to our global climate action. Climate restoration complements existing mitigation and adaptation efforts by focusing on removing the legacy carbon that makes up 95% of the carbon dioxide causing our current climate crisis.

The Foundation for Climate Restoration is hosting a virtual event with Sir David King, Founder, Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge University and two other leaders in UK climate policy who sit at the core of the COP26 planning. This event will discuss what is needed on the journey to COP26 in order to set us on a course to achieve climate restoration by 2050.