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Climate Intelligence for the Oil and Gas Industries

Imagine if influencers, policy makers, CEOs or institutions likes banks were empowered with irrefutable, real-time climate data and a trusted climate intelligence resource. Imagine where we would be if we could see emissions in real time, use that data to inform planning, and tell, in real-time, if our actions are having impact. Although a system for producing accurate, timely, and actionable data on global GHG emissions across all sectors does not yet exist, the data does and there is a growing groundswell to use it for total decarbonization.

Join Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) and Spherical Analytics (S|A) for a discussion on the need to make emissions visible and actionable, and the ways to make it happen. Panelists include representatives from RMI, SA, Oil & Gas operators, Financial institutions, and other NGOs.