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Climate Change as a Threat Multiplier

Destabilization of strategically important areas may be the result of climate-induced changes, not just the actions of foreign powers or terrorist organizations. Predicting where, and when, destabilizing events will occur may not be feasible. It may, however, be possible to identify areas where the risks are higher, which is why it’s crucial we expand the way we think about national security to include the risks associated with climate change.

The American Security Project (ASP) panel of experts will discuss the national security implications of climate change and policymakers’ ability to predict where climate stress may lead to instability or conflict.

ASP is a non-profit and non-partisan organization that focuses on the long-term national security threats facing the U.S. It’s research examines everything from counterterrorism to nuclear non-proliferation, the Arctic, energy security, and climate security. 

This event is part of the US and International Policy program.