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Climate change and security in the MENA

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is considered a climate hotspot due to its natural water scarcity, low levels of socio-ecological resilience, social tensions and political conflicts, and ongoing immigration crisis. Over the course of the century, Jordan, Palestine and Israel are projected to experience an average temperature rise over the Mediterranean of 1.4⁰C to 4⁰C, a general decrease in precipitation of 25% regionally and up to 40% locally, a shift in the rain seasons from winter to spring to autumn, a higher frequency of extreme weather events, and a growing rate of desertification.

Despite the effects of climate change being already observable in the region, the three countries have yet to fully recognize the connection between the negative impact of climate change on their neighbor’s national security, and the implications for their own national security.

EcoPeace’s Co-Directors will host a webinar on September 22, to present the regional, integrated roadmap for climate-related national security.

To read EcoPeace’s publication on Climate related national security: