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Cities Lead: Phasing Out Fossil Fuels

A growing number of local government leaders are using powerful tools to prevent fossil fuel industry build-out and fast-track clean energy in buildings, transportation, and more.

From racial disparities in COVID-19 outcomes – driven in large part by fossil fuel air pollution exposure – to the public cost of cleaning up abandoned oil and gas infrastructure, to growing opportunities for good, family-supporting jobs in renewable energy, it’s more critical than ever to move off fossil fuels. Communities have the most to win or lose, and they are leading the way.

Event Details:

Hosted by, join us to hear from inspiring leaders who are using local land use laws and other policy tools to say no to oil and gas expansion and yes to community health and safety, a just transition to renewable energy, a green recovery, and a livable climate.

Learn how visionary city and county leaders are meeting their climate goals while improving local air quality, tackling environmental inequity, and accelerating the green recovery at the same time. And finally, hear how SAFE Cities is helping turn these victories into a powerful coordinated movement of local leaders keeping their communities safe from fossil fuels and accelerating a clean energy future.

You can expect:

  • SAMPLE POLICIES that have been successfully implemented by cities and other local governments
  • SUCCESS STORIES from people and places leading the way
  • RESOURCES for building support in your community and addressing industry opposition
  • TOOLS AND CONNECTIONS FOR GRASSROOTS ORGANIZERS AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT LEADERS who are looking for policy, legal, and organizing support

This event will be hosted as a Zoom webinar, and you can register at or using the button above. We'll also do a simultaneous livestream at (livestream will be available at this link once the event has begun) – though make sure to register via Zoom if you want the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists and participate in the interactive elements of the event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Confirmed speakers: 

  • Cheryl Davila, City Councilor, Berkeley, California
  • Ryan Dorsey, City Councilmember, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Liz McDowell, SAFE Cities Director at
  • Andrea Reimer, former City Councillor, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Dave Upthegrove, County Councilmember, King County, Washington

We'll also be announcing an exciting open call for artists to design visual art that embodies the SAFE Cities movement..