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Cities, Investors and Infrastructure: Climate Aware Funding Strategies

Municipalities are on the front line of climate risk. Infrastructure needs to be built, repaired and replaced, all of which will require investment capital. An increasingly important consideration for investors is how these long term projects are accounting for climate change. Are they resilient to the physical impacts of climate change? Are they adequately accounting for the transition to clean sources of energy? How these questions are answered also have implications for the city's bond rating and cost of capital. This session will address how borrowers can enhance their access to capital by improving disclosure of material climate risks to investors and demonstrating long term capital planning for climate aware infrastructure. Participants will hear how to evaluate your exposure to climate risk, the importance of disclosing material risks to investors, and how to integrate climate risks into the capital budgeting process.

This session is a 50-60 minute panel discussion and live Q&A with moderator. 


  • Carolyn Kousky, Executive Risk Director, Wharton Risk Center
  • Missy Stults, Sustainability and Innovations Manager, City of Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Mike Bonanno, Vice President, Research Analyst and Municipal Sustainability Lead, Breckinridge Capital Advisors
  • Grant Ervin, Chief Resilience Officer and Assistant Director for the Department of City Planning for the City of Pittsburgh


  • Peter Ellsworth, Senior Director, Investor Network, Ceres