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Carbon Emissions in Your Supply Chain & the Vital Role of Procurement in Climate Action

Stakeholder demands for action on climate change are peaking in every industry. CEOs are committing to Science Based Targets, UN-Global-compact, and much more. Companies cannot achieve the committed targets without including their value chains in reduction action. The current practice of using predictive models based on product and commodity databases can give companies a broad view for estimating scope 3 emissions, but the next leap forward faces obstacles: Baselining and driving improvement requires measuring actual emissions over time, and engaging suppliers in focused improvements. New insights from papers on Carbon Reporting in the Supply Chain, as well as from the 2020 Business Sustainability and Performance Index show a massive shortfall in supplier maturity / readiness (especially with SMEs) for reporting on carbon.

A new phase of Scope 3 carbon strategy is needed! Hear from climate experts about the coming wave of “Scope 3” emissions reduction demands, what will be expected of procurement, and the key steps in a carbon action plan for the supply chain, including:

  • Four phases of a carbon reduction action plan for the supply chain.
  • Vital statistics on the scope of the opportunity, and the challenge faced with SME suppliers
  • Key steps for supply chain action:
  • Leveraging ratings to estimate and triage partner engagement planning based on maturity
  • Build capacity for measurement, reporting and benchmarking of actual emissions 
  • And, ultimately, collaborate to drive improvements
  • Procurement’s vital role to collaborate with Sustainability teams to bridge the gap between predictive models, and planet-saving action!