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Business action in and beyond supply chains

Business Action in and Beyond Supply Chains: How Public-Private Collaboration is Driving Landscape and Jurisdictional Impacts

Our current global production and consumption models negatively impact nature and reinforce social inequalities, necessitating an urgent transformation of these systems towards sustainability. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted an economic crisis of unprecedented scale that has further stressed food availability and food security due to disruptions in supply chains and revenue loss. Climate change will deepen and accelerate these impacts.

However, responding to COVID-19 presents an opportunity for commodity and food supply chain actors to build back better and lay the foundations of a more sustainable and resilient future. As key players in commodity and food supply chains, private sector companies have an important role in bringing positive change. Multi-stakeholder collaborations at the level of landscapes and jurisdictions in producer countries are showing promising results for achieving sector-wide transformation.

During this high-level event, the partners in the GEF-funded Good Growth Partnership (GGP) will come together with the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA), Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and commodity supply chain stakeholders to exchange knowledge, lessons learned and experiences on challenges and solutions for effective private sector engagement at national and subnational jurisdictional (together referred to as “jurisdictional”) and landscape levels to shift toward sustainable and resilient commodity supply chains and food systems. Concrete experiences on jurisdictional and landscape approaches will be shared by private sector actors and government institutions engaged at different scales in Indonesia (palm oil) and Ghana (cocoa), as well as by global leading companies involved in these supply chains.

Some of the key questions addressed during the session will include:

  • Why, where and how should companies engage in jurisdictional and landscape initiatives? What are entry points for companies at the jurisdictional and landscape levels?
  • How do these approaches complement other initiatives and approaches?
  • How do different activities at landscape, subnational and national levels connect to each other? What is the role of the private sector at these different scales?
  • What are the challenges in scaling up public-private collaboration across multiple jurisdictions? How many jurisdictional initiatives can an individual company reasonably be expected to participate in and what level of engagement is needed? What are the challenges of private sector engagement in public-private collaboration at these different levels?
  • What are emerging lessons learned/solutions to overcome these challenges and what represents credible improvement and progress?

The high-level event will be structured as a conversation with senior corporate and government representatives involved in these approaches followed by an exchange with participants (Q&A session) and will link to a set of technical workshops taking place in October, during which tools mentioned at the high-level event will be presented in more depth to practitioners.