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Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)
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9:00:00 AM
September 24 5:00:00 PM
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BuildingEnergy NYC

Now in its ninth year, BuildingEnergy NYC is a conference designed by and for practitioners in the fields of high-performance building and design, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Last year's event brought more than 400 professionals from across the industry together to learn from and network with one another. Every year, sessions are chosen by a committee of NESEA Members and highlight best practices and lessons learned.

The 2020 event will take place as virtual conference and trade show on Wednesday & Thursday, September 23 & 24.The conference theme of BuildingEnergy NYC 2020 is Carbon. Given the urgency with which we must dramatically reduce carbon emissions, we are expanding the scope of BuildingEnergy NYC beyond operational performance to include the carbon impact of buildings throughout their entire life cycle. We've come a long way in figuring out how to make buildings operate at peak efficiency; let's now examine how these high-performing projects can operate effectively on a rapidly decarbonizing grid.

This event is part of the Clean Energy Transition, Transport and Infrastructure, Industry and Built Environment, and Finance, Investment and Jobs programs.