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Build Back Better: Fixing the Future of Food

How we can use the COVID-19 disruption to improve food systems and address the climate emergency?

Covid-19 and the climate crisis are putting huge pressure on the world food system. To avoid warming beyond 1.5 degrees and further degradation of critical landscapes the food sector has a critical role to play. Food accounts for over a quarter (26%) of global greenhouse gas emissions, uses 50% of habitable land mass, 70% of global freshwater withdrawals, 78% of global ocean and freshwater pollution, 94% of mammal biomass (excluding humans) is livestock and 1 in 3 calories is wasted. Food, therefore, lies at the heart of trying to tackle climate change, reducing water stress, pollution, restoring lands back to forests or grasslands, and protecting the world’s wildlife.

Veris Strategies have assembled an expert panel to explore 5 principles from their recent report on how business can build back better. These are some of the questions we will be answering in this stimulating timely debate:

  1. Being bolder: What is holding food businesses back from making a step-change on climate action? How can the food industry put more back into nature than it takes out?
  2. Eliminate the blind spots: Is sustainability at the heart of food retail and manufacturing operating model? How do we embed sustainability into product and packaging design and create the right incentives for farmers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers to change behaviour?
  3. Supporting the Frontline: Is the food industry a great place to work?  Covid has exposed the social weaknesses in food supply chains which will only be exacerbated by climate change – what are the issues and how can food sector build back better?
  4. Lifting up others: What role can food industry play in supporting a just transition to a low carbon world for the most vulnerable in society
  5. Working together: Which collaborations are working and what more is needed?

Speakers: Senior representation from leading food manufacturers, retailers and brands, hosted by Kate Cawley, Founder, Veris Strategies and moderated by Louise Nicholls, Managing Director, Suseco:

  • Alison Ordonez, Innovation & Quality Director, Roberts Bakery
  • Anna Turrell, Head of Environment, Tesco plc
  • Jim Brisby, Commercial Group Director, Cranswick plc
  • Patrick Coveney, Chief Executive Officer, Greencore Group plc