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Access to Adaptation Data in Africa

The necessity to accelerate local adaptation measures, ensuring the integration of risks into investment decisions, preventing impacts, and the high reliance of communities on agriculture, makes it crucial for local African actors to have access to climate and hydraulic data. An improved cooperation between scientists, local communities, project leaders and national governments is required to share already existing mechanisms for collecting, analysing and using climate and hydraulic data and improving the adaptation decision making process at national and local level. 

These issues raised several challenges we will discuss during the workshop: how is data collected locally and local knowledge registered (bottom to top), and how is data created by national agencies and observatories made accessible for local actors (top to bottom)? Which governance framework is used to ensure state and non-state cooperation, and how is data managed and used by policymakers preventing misuse ?

This workshop is part of a series of 3 workshops on access to climate data by local African actors aiming to: (1) Identify African initiatives contributing to improving access to climate data and their governance for local actors; (2) Exploring concrete leads for a collective work and a space for collaboration that can be carried out on these issues ; (3) Capturing key learnings and principles to formulate a common position among committed actors. 

Moderation by: Vanessa Laubin, Manager and Consultant for Local planning and climate strategies at PROJECTIONS CC


Dr Maguette KAIRE, Forest Expert at the Regional Center AGRHYMET

Handaine Mohamed, Expert researcher at the Indigenous Peoples of Africa Coordinating Committee (IPACC)

Catherine Higham, Regional Manager, Europe Middle East and Africa - Cities, States, and Regions at CDP

Maurine Ambani, Regional Coordinator based in Nairobi, at the World Food Programme

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