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Clearloop, WattTime and Downstream Strategies.
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Accelerating the Greening of the Grid

How focus, innovation, and common sense can transform clean infrastructure investments for companies to have more tools to slash greenhouse gas emissions, expand access to clean energy, and spur economic growth across the United States.

Clearloop, WattTime and Downstream strategies will release a new white paper and tool to focus U.S. solar development for greatest impact, expand the geographic spread of solar development and support U.S. communities getting left behind in the clean energy transition.

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  • Professor Zdravka Tzankova, Vanderbilt University
  • Henry Richardson, WattTime 
  • Joey James, Downstream Strategies
  • Laura Zapata, Clearloop
  • Former Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen, Clearloop

Moderator is Professor Michael Vandenbergh, Vanderbilt.

Clearloop was founded by three Tennesseans—including former governor Phil Bredesen—who want to make sure that the innovation and benefits of clean energy reaches all communities around our country equally, starting with the communities in our own backyard that are getting left behind. After years in government, politics, and business, we fundamentally believe that we cannot wait around for others to act. We built Clearloop for brands that want to reclaim their carbon footprint and expand access to clean energy by building new solar projects in the Unites States.