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43 West 23rd Street
New York , NY 10010
United States

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(212) 539-0204

Eataly NYC Flatiron

Focused on providing high quality, sustainable products for all, Eataly is the largest Italian retail and dining experience in the world, transforming the way consumers experience food, beverage and culture. Eataly NYC Flatiron opened in NYC is 2010. The culinary destination is located in the heart of the Flatiron neighborhood and offers traditional Italian food in a vibrant ambiance.

The quality of Eataly's foods is given by the quality of its ingredients, which is subject to many natural resources, all dictated by climate: water, sun, rain, wind. Climate change is a reality and it's affecting the natural resources that a product needs to thrive. Our sustainability initiatives include buying clean labels products that sustain local business and Italian family owned businesses, following seasonal patterns, recycling packaging, composting food scraps and fighting food waste by donating leftovers foods to local food pantries.