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Monday September 03 Events

Climate Week NYC Events to Shout About

The world’s largest climate week – Climate Week NYC – will be upon us in a mere handful of weeks.

Hosted by The Climate Group, the Opening Ceremony will be taking place on September 24th 2018 and will see speakers such as the President of Haiti, Jovenel Moise, the executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) Patricia Espinosa, and Governor of California, Jerry Brown, convene from all around the globe to take a stand on accelerating climate action.

But how can the average New Yorker engage with climate-consciousness this September?

Well, there’s a number of incredible events taking place around the week that you can get involved with! Whether you’re a climate-conscious parent, an eco-minded gallery-goer, or an environmental intellectual, it seems there’s something for everyone during Climate Week NYC.

In no particular order…

Have a burning passion for cinema and want to check out the latest documentary? Try…


Monday 24th September, 6:30pm

A special screening of Blue – a feature documentary film charting the drastic decline in the health of our oceans. With more than half of all marine life lost and the expansion of the industrialization of the seas, the film sets out the challenges we are facing and the opportunities for positive change.

Image result for blue documentary

Feel like tapping into some powerful drama about the environment? Have a look at…


Wednesday 26th September, 6:30pm

This is a short staged-reading of a play that provides a clear and concise explanation of climate change - how it's happened, our part in it, what we are currently doing about it and what we need to do about it.

Feel like immersing yourself in a beautiful sustainable art installation? How about...


Monday 24th September, 9am-7pm

The U.S. premiere of the internationally renowned textile artist Claudy Jongstra's immersive nomadic art installation, WOVEN SKIN.


Want to explore your own relationship with the natural world?  Why don’t you try…


Friday 28th September, 7pm

This piece guides each individual participant through the process of finding their own connection to nature and local trip planning via relevant, free resources. A takeaway journal with an extended guide accompanies.

Want to empower your local community to make a change through art? You might like…


Monday 24th September, 7pm

A welcome reception, followed by a roundtable and a Q&A for the Artivism Challenge, an art exhibition that leverages the universal appeal and emotional power of art, to raise awareness for six critical issues impacting our ocean.

Writer? Philosopher? General intellectual? Get your thinking cap on and take a look at…


Saturday 22nd September, 7:30pm

Join renowned author and philosopher Charles Eisenstein who will discuss his new book, Climate: A New Story, in which he advocates for expanding our exclusive focus on carbon emissions to see the broader picture beyond our short-sighted and incomplete approach.

Want to get the low-down on the biggest climate-change reversal theories? Get down to…


Monday 24th September, 7pm

A presentation and panel discussion on The New York Times best-selling book Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming.

Scientifically-minded and fed up of fake news? Fight back, and go to…


Monday 24th September, 6:30pm

Attacks on both the message and the messengers of climate science have been disturbingly resilient.  The event will cover: Why is that? What are the best ways to reconnect sound science with clear-thinking public action on climate change? What strategies are climate scientists and science communicators developing now?


Are you a parent? A student wondering how you can make your school greener? Check out…


Tuesday 25th September, 1pm

Students, teachers, parents, school leaders and government officials will come together again to share their views and experiences about Green schooling practices and pedagogues with the invitees.

Bonus round! Feel like trying your hand at some climate-change trivia? Why not check out…


Wednesday 3rd October, 6pm

Do you know how many inches the sea levels have risen in the past 100 years? What is the biggest source of greenhouse gases in the US? How many parties are part of the Paris Climate Agreement? Join Urban Green Council for a Jeopardy-style trivia night at the Skinny Bar and Lounge!

Interested in finding out more about the countless other events going on around Climate Week? Head over to the Climate Calendar and have a look through the list for yourself!

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