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Climate Week NYC 2020

Climate Week NYC (September 21-27, 2020) is biggest climate summit taking place this year. As the focus shifts to how we rebuild after COVID-19, Climate Week NYC 2020 will explore what lessons we can learn in the pursuit of a net-zero future through just transition.

All our events, as well as highlights from over 350 events taking place across New York City and around the world, will be available to view from our Facebook Watch page starting Monday, September 21, 2020. You can also search our events program, save events to your schedule, and explore Climate Week NYC from your phone via free mobile phone app [iOS and Android].

Our “For New York, for the World” approach is crucial to put people at the heart of climate action and build a better future. We must rebuild the global economy for people and planet, and we must halve global emissions by the end of this decade.

The Climate Group will host all our events, including the Opening Ceremony and the Hub Live, on an online digital platform that will incorporate live broadcast, interactive sessions, networking areas and meeting space. We will also support the hundreds of events hosted across New York City and around the world as part of the official Climate Week NYC events program.

Climate Week NYC is hosted in association with the United Nations and the City of New York.

Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony
The Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony brings together business and government leaders to showcase amazing climate action and find ways to do more. We will broadcast the Climate Week NYC Opening Ceremony through both an interactive online digital platform for sector leaders and on an open on-demand platform for public viewers.

The Hub Live at Climate Week NYC
Now in its third year, Climate Group will host The Hub Live – a series of forums, discussions and workshops that bring together the expertise and influence of public and private sectors. The Hub Live is hosted through an interactive online digital platform where attendees can meet, collaborate, and inspire each other to build a better future. The Hub Live events will also be broadcast on an open on-demand platform so the global community can participate in the biggest Climate Week on Earth.

View the Hub Live agenda

Events Program
The Climate Week NYC events program is the primary way for the communities and individuals to engage. Organizations are invited to host an event to become an official part of the program.

The Climate Week NYC official events program will comprise of digital events from around the world and physical events (if allowed) in New York City. The full program will be updated weekly. Register your event and be a part of the biggest Climate Week on Earth.

Events are categorized in ten themes:

  1. Clean Energy Transition
  2. Transport and Infrastructure
  3. Industry and Built Environment
  4. Finance, Investment and Jobs 
  5. Food and Land Use 
  6. Nature and Science 
  7. US and International Policy  
  8. Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice  
  9. Sustainable Travel and Tourism   
  10. Climate Impacts and Adaptation

The Nest Summit at Climate Week NYC
The Nest Summit, their title sponsor Moody’s, is an official event partnership with the Climate Group to expand the realm of climate awareness and action. For the past decade, the Climate Group has gathered the world’s top innovators in knowledge, policy, and climate action.

Now at the Javits Center, the nation’s largest green venue, The Nest Summit will help expand this mission and become a prime destination during Climate Week NYC, broadening climate awareness and action. The Nest Summit 2020 program will host the companies, visionary researchers and influential policy-makers that are advancing sustainability in the United States and will be broadcast on the Climate Group’s open media channels, as well as hitting the airwaves with select media partners.

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The Climate Group’s mission is to accelerate climate action to achieve a world of no more than 1.5°C of global warming and greater prosperity for all. We do this by bringing together powerful networks of business and governments that shift global markets and policies. We focus on the greatest global opportunities for change, take innovation and solutions to scale, and build ambition and pace. We are an international non-profit organization, founded in 2004, with offices in London, New Delhi and New York. We are proud to be part of the We Mean Business coalition.  

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