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63 Flushing Ave. Building 3, Suite 1105
Brooklyn, NY 11205
United States

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(347) 670-3660

Brooklyn Grange

Brooklyn Grange is the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the US. We operate the world’s largest rooftop soil farms, located on three roofs in New York City, and grow over 80,000 lbs of organic produce per year. Brooklyn Grange also hosts events and educational programming; designs, installs, and often maintains green spaces for clients all over the tri-state area, and provides urban farming and green roof consulting services to clients worldwide.

Sustainability is at the heart of Brooklyn Grange’s mission. We are constantly innovating ways to create future cities that are greener, cleaner, and more delicious. We are a triple bottom line business, which means that when making decisions, we consider not only our financial profit but also, the natural capital we gain or lose. We think of our business as part of an ecosystem, and we aim to benefit all other members of that ecosystem, from the ladybug laying larva on our lettuce to our fellow human beings across the globe.