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ARTICLE22 sustainable jewelry celebrates stories of transformation and makes positive impact. Weapons transformed into symbols of love are upcycled by our Laotian artisan partners from Vietnam War shrapnel and scrap. Each piece helps clear some of the 80 million unexploded bombs in Laos. 

For over ten years now, we've been building a sustainable supply chain between Laos and the US, building a virtuous circle where "shared success is shared impact".

Inspired by Muhammed Yunus and the power of social business to solve problems, we founded and named ARTICLE 22 after the 22nd article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Rather than rely on the non-profit donor model, ARTICLE 22 is built on a self-sustaining foundation, promotes collective effort, and nourishes a shared success. Each of our artisan partners is agent of change rather than passive recipients of charity.