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Wednesday August 05 General

Art + Purpose: Inspiring Climate Action with the Creative Economy

By Stephen Donofrio, Principal & Founder of GreenPoint Innovations / GreenPoint EARTH

We’re at a critical turning point for people and the planet. People all around the world are taking to the streets and joining in solidarity, alongside government, businesses, and a diverse mix of organizations for a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine a better future for all.

GreenPoint Earth: Screens2Streets

This future must be more equal.

It will have a more stable climate. It will see an end to poverty. It will honor the health of all living things.

In order for this future to become reality, there’s no doubt that we’ll need sweeping systemic changes, on the scale required to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the greatest global challenges that we face today.

How do we imagine a better future together?

The solutions are all around us. And many more are being developed. Just like anything else, we need to make sure people know about them.

GreenPoint Innovations has always believed in the power and inspiration of art, storytelling, and the showcasing of solutions to affect change. Creativity can help us interpret science and demonstrations can help us understand it.

We use art to create and inspire solutions for all people, regardless of creed or demographic. It’s a way to capture people’s attention, to start a conversation and raise awareness around the issues. Rather than leave it at simply that, art can also offer a platform and spark dialogue around solutions that leave no one behind.

From our beginnings in 2014, artists and innovators have been our essential teammates. Through collective action, dialogue, and the creative process, we have helped communities learn about climate problems, while simultaneously highlighting solutions that are within our reach.

From the screens, to the streets.

Ahead of Climate Week NYC 2020, the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, and the 5th Anniversary of the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG), we are launching a new global initiative, ‘GreenPoint EARTH 2020: Screens-to-Streets.’ Screens-to-Streets will inspire all people, businesses, and governments to act on climate and build a better future with the incredible power of ‘Art + Purpose.’

GreenPoint Innovations has teamed with the Climate Group’s Climate Week NYC and the UN SDG Action Campaign to put out a universal call to artists for new works that speak to the urgent need to rebuild better from the pandemic. Artists are prompted to focus on the Climate Week NYC 2020 thematic areas – from ‘Clean Energy Transition’ to ‘Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice’ to ‘Nature and Science’ – and their connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In close coordination with the GreenPoint team, artists will safely create these works in their personal studios or homes. One of our goals is to support artists who are helping the planet - a judging committee will select artists to be provided small financial grants and their works to be featured prominently. In September, one artist or team will be selected to bring their idea to life with the first 'Streets' mural activation in NYC (additional locations will depend on the art submitted).

In this critical moment of rapid change and upheaval, storytelling is now more important than ever.

It takes a village - all are welcome to be a part of this exciting new platform. Learn more about how to participate.

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