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Annexair is a Canadian-based manufacturing company located outside Montreal in the city of Drummondville Quebec. The company is a major leader in the green HVAC industry for the commercial, institutional and industrial markets. Annexair is an equipment supplier of medium and large custom-made HVAC systems. Most of our installations are on LEED buildings, as well as the LEED HQ. Our units are the most eco-friendly on the market. 

Annexair focuses on transforming a better world and is eager for every employee to become a green ambassador for this renewal. We are proud to be committed to develop and maintain new eco-responsible industrial processes; provide safe work in an extremely clean environment; create environmentally friendly products that are environmentally friendly; reduce industrial waste to the maximum while promoting recycling; aim for the long-term 'ZERO industrial waste' target; denounce any existing corruption, collusion and cartels in the region; create a business green paper by involving all staff; hire a full-time sustainable development manager; be more demanding and eco-selective towards our suppliers and subcontractors.